June 22, 2009

you are the hottest one for years of night


We are five friends, one day we came out of a house one after the other, first one came and placed himself beside the gate, then the second came, or rather he glided through the gate like a little ball of quicksilver, and placed himself near the first one, then came the third, the the fourth, then the fifth. Finally we all stood in a row. People began to notice us, they pointed at us and said: Those five just came out of that house. Since then we have been living together; it would be a peaceful life if it weren't for a sixth one continually trying to interfere. He doesn't do us any harm, but he annoys us, and that is harm enough; why does he intrude where he is not wanted? We don't know him and don't want him to join us. There was a time of course, when the five of us did not know one another, either; and it could be said that we still don't know one another, but what is possible and can be tolerated by the five of us is not possible and cannot be tolerated with this sixth one. In any case we are five and don't want to be six. And what is the point of this continual being together anyhow? It is also pointless for the five of us, but here we are together and will remain together; a new combination, however, we do not want, just because of our experiences. But how is one going to make all this clear to the sixth one? Long explanations would almost amount to accepting him in our circle, so we prefer not to explain and not to accept him. No matter how he pouts his lips when we push him away with our elbows, but however much we push him away, back he comes.


June 16, 2009

ever to confess you're bored means you have no inner resources

"and in class we played this game called 'the dead poets game.' you pick up a card with a dead poet on it and you have to make a hand motion to explain how the poet died. so if you sweep your hand backwards it means the poet tripped and fell."

recently overheard by yours truly. this is straight out of a todd solondz movie if you ask me.

last fall my class had to write the "biography" of a word. my teacher's intention was that we would get to know the word. sometimes reading a definition makes all the difference. i chose the word 'isolate.'

isolate, v, 1. to place or set apart or alone; to cause to stand alone, detached, separate, or unconnected with other things or persons; to insulate

lately the word 'sycophant' has been lurking in and around my ear.

sycophant, n, 1. a self-seeking, servile flatterer, fawning parasite.

is it just me or is that a confusing definition? killer s-es, though.

reading the dictionary is fun.

fun, n, 1. something that provides mirth or amusement
adj, of or pertaining to fun.

synonyms: absurdity, blast, buffoonery, cheer, distraction, foolery, picnic, solace, treat
antonyms: sadness, work

we need a picture

there we go!

June 7, 2009

June 1, 2009


nothing to do with poetry but TOO AWESOME TO WITHHOLD, you know?